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I think and I hope Mt.Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan. Why? My home town is the Gotemba-city, at the foot of the Mt.Fuji. Mt.Fuji is very beatiful and symmetrical shaped. There are no other mountains around Mt.Fuji, so the reason why it is very impressive. Mt.Fuji is a dormant volcano, so if it would erupt, it causes great disaster at Toukai and Kantou area. Some years ago, I visited Swiss. I was very pleased when I found the famous Matterhorn. So if you visit Japan, please come and find Mt.Fuji from the Shinkansen railroad, Toumei Expressway or somewhere else, and you may feel happy. I took all these photographs.
[Mt.fuji15] from Gotemba 2003 NewYear [Mt.fuji16] from Gotemba 2004 NewYear
[Mt.fuji13] from Lake Motosu [Mt.fuji14] from Lake Shouji
[Mt.fuji11] from Fujinomiya-city [Mt.fuji12] from Fujinomiya-city
[Mt.fuji06] from Osino in Yamanashi [Mt.fuji10] from Osino in Yamanashi
[Mt.fuji03] from Lake Yamanaka [Mt.fuji04] from Gotemba-city
[Mt.fuji01] from Fujisan Skyline [Mt.fuji05] from Gotemba-city
[Mt.fuji16] from Mt.Ashigara path [Mt.fuji08] from Mt.Ashigara path

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