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Kindly complete the registration form and click Submit below. If you prefer to mail or fax your registration, please use the printable form available below.

1. Full Name and Particular

Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.):
Full name:
Call Sign:
Preferred Badge Name:

2. Mailing Address

Post Code:

3. Telephone

Email:   Please fill ONE e-mail address only

4. Accompanying Persons :

Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:

    No.Pax Package Cost Total cost
5. Package A1 Full Registration for per person x $ 500 US =
5. Package A2 Full Registration for Single room use x $ 650 US =
5.2 Package B Local Participants Package. x 18,000 Yen =
Packages A1.A2 & B above are full packages of conference fee, meal and tours.
5.3 Package C Gala Dinner (Sunday) only x 9,000 Yen =
5.4 Package D Welcome Dinner (Saturday) only x 9,000 Yen =

6. Arrival Flight Number: [if available]
* Date of arrival: dd/mm/yy Time of arrival:


* Check in date: dd/mm/yy Check out date:dd/mm/yy
8. Do you need help in locating alternative accommodation    Yes / No

9. Please indicate any special requirements: [Food, Medication, etc.]


Please send your completed Registration by 31st August 2013,as follows:
by post to: SEANET 2013, 1-1-3-202,Azabudai Minato-ku, Tokyo,106-0041 JAPAN
by e-mail to: seanet@arion.ocn.ne.jp

Click here for a printable form in doc format

or here for pdf format for submission by mail or FAX.

For updates on SEANET2013, please browse thru' the Web Page.
Should there be any changes on the above or if you require further assistance, please contact at Email:


Please check the web-site for updates and changes. :


1). We are planning to print individual photos in the brochure as a memory of SEANET 2013 Yokohama.
Please be advised that in order to maintain the image quality, the picture needs sufficient size such as a picture in passport (e.g. 45mmx35mm).
In case of sending your registration form by mail, Please enclose your photo in print with your registration form.
If you do not want to print it in the brochure, you do not need to send it.

2). Credit Card Payment via PayPal: Send your payment to the Recipient email as follows: seanet@arion.ocn.ne.jp

3). Do you need any assistance in your visa application (eg.invitation letter)?

4). Please give us the all participants ( group is all the members) is a size (European Size= S / M / L / XL / 2XL) of "T shirt" of you and companion persons.

5). 1. The leading attendee should complete this section, i.e. Group leader, or leading partner in the case of a couple.
The badge name is the name or call-sign you wish to be put on your I.D. Badge.
2. Please complete the postal address of the Leader.
3. Please give the contact details of the Leader.
4. Please give the names title (Mr. Mrs. Ms.) and badge names of all accompanying persons.

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