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Fairy family fly in the sky
1999.05.03 Issue


I induce to fly in the sky anybody because I love sky and I like to fly myself.
Every time it came back to the parents' house, paraglider video was shown, and the niece "Chie-chan" of the two years old and a half was tempted.
As a matter of fact, it is a tabooed word absolutely in our house that a paraglider is regarded with hostility with the danger and not to speak of wants to fly!

The law of our house was broken, and a certain Chie-chan said "Chie-chan flies in the sky, too."
It agrees to all the selfishness of the youngest daughter who doesn't listen if it is said.
It did because it did like this and paraglider experience tour of the fairy Family was carried out as scheduled.
Incidentally, it is with the older brother married couple and three children (Misato,Tomoya and Chisato) 5 people.
It arrives at the summit of a mountain of Iwayasan where is paragliding field.
It flies, and the paragliders in the sky,Chie-chan says"Waoh! Many baloon" who makes merry.
Does one know that it flies from now, too, I wonder?
Baby harness is worn, and it becomes covered with the helmet, and the said person is the mind completely.
However, how it is seen, the back is a child penguin.
It was held in mother's knee, and it took off to the sky and went.
Of course, a pilot is Mr. Kato who is a chief instructor for Rollout paragliding school.
So, it is tandem flight which three people are the first in!

When Chie-chan who isn't understood wants to fly, it realizes a feeling 【 it is the first 】 【 three people are put 】 whether to know that it is said that it flies to where, too, too.
Moreover, because it is the same as mother, big relief.
Everyone of Rollout supported with Mr. Kato who satisfied a dream, at the take off field and the landing field, really appreciates taking a heart well.
As a matter of fact, this tour is decided, it was best on the spree with happy, father (My, the older brother).
Before going, it was muttering "I wonder if I could to fly, too." many times and many times.
Chie-chan's flight is finished, with Misato which the next thought oneself ….
However, it becomes windy, as for a lucky arrow, to the father that weight is heavy.
As for a feeling that it is considerate of the daughter whom it is disappointed at, far, far away.
Alone, with grin broadly.
It took off in the upper sky into the actual sky, and the word of the daughter who says "father, dishonest" went, too.
It is left, two older sister younger brother.
Until it comes to Aogaki town, when Tomoya kept rejecting that it flew with stubborn and "I won't fly absolutely."
However, it said the "Can I fly in the sky which could fly if it is said that it wants to fly though it doesn't pass if it fly?".
I who tightened it and it tightened it and all member fitted and who grin.
However, wind doesn't become weak, and it is heard "whether both people are no good", and it is two people who become gloomy.
However, in the hand of Mr. Kato who however was raised to the summit of a mountain again and who came, two harness for passengers.
"Well, it goes." and two school children are piled, today, the second three people tandem flight.
It is very glad by two people 【 it was dark 】.
At the time of take off, when it thought "if it already dies, even if it dies, yes", Tomoya.
As soon as it landed and I am seen, "This fits." and an eye are made to light up.
"The sunset glow seen from the sky is very beautiful!", Misato-chan get excited, too.
Now, it a mouth to me who isn't flying with "as soon as it wants to fly mercilessly, " and two people, and I am made to cry.
Because it did like this and a curtain was closed, experience tour of the Family five people were done.
Mr. Kato took pictures of the video, and it was edited, and last tour was given to me.
If it is to fly, three-year-old Chie-chan will forget it.
However, it became video, and it was left for Chie-chan's memory.
Every night, every night service, video showing meeting.
It seems that is appeased a feeling against the paraglider in our house a little, too.
As for Chie-chan, who came back to the house.
"Next time, grandpapa,let's fly together, too." and the thing that a 90-year-old grandfather is asked.
Next time ,in history advanced age passenger will appear? Yes,it is!
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